Deluxe Manicure

This is far from a 'simple' manicure and includes the following.

  • Revitalising citrus scented hand sock.
  • Nail preparation which treats cuticles and replenishes nails, using creative products.
  • Shaping your preferred style and buffing whenever required.
  • Hands are gently massaged from wrist to tip using tiny crystals, then allowed warmth and time to rejuvenated themselves. Hands will be left smooth and moisturised, ready to take on a bit of shine.
  • Your polish encompasses an essential base layer, usually two layers of lacquer from an extensive range of O.P.I. colours and protective top coat.
  • Happy Holistics products are used to massage the hand, they will leave your hands feeling relaxed and looking luxurious.
  • Paraffin mineral wax treatment. Use since Roman times this modern day approved therapy provides a host of benefits. Its a low heated treatment which can,
  1. increase blood flow, relax muscles
  2. improves skin elasticity
  3. helps joint stiffness & pain
  4. aid relief from sprains & pulled muscles
Price: £30.00