Full Leg Waxing

Semi-permanent hair removal from the thighs to ankles (toes if required).

Price: £18.00

Half Leg waxing

Semi-permanent hair removal from the knee - lower half of both legs.

Price: £13.00

Bikini wax

Basic Bikini Line- hair is removed from outside the knicker line.

Price: £8.00


High Bikini Line- Hair is removed from either side, just inside the nicker line and some off the top.

Price: £18.00


Hollywood waxing is the removal of all hair in the pelvic area, front and back. - Totally Bare!

Price: £23.00


Removing the hair from the underarm area leaving you feeling fresher.

Price: £8.00


Remove any unwanted hairs from the upper lip.

Price: £5.00

Eyebrow Shaping

Define the shape of your eyebrows using warm wax.

Price: £6.00