Essential Shape, Buff & Polish

This includes shaping suited to your nails and style, buff and polish from an extensive range of colours. Great for girls on the run!

Price: £15.00

Elementary Manicure

A hint of luxury which includes cuticle work, shaping, polish and is completed with a relaxing hand massage. A manicure that's perfect for busy girls that enjoy a little TLC.

Price: £21.00

French Manicure

For a touch of class, choose from 5 shades of pale pink and white tips to complete this classic look. This includes cuticle work, shaping, french polish and a relaxing hand massage from wrist to tips.

Price: £23.00

Luxury Manicure

Looking for a sprinkle of sumptuousness?  Opt for this tender treatment and you will benefit not only from our Elementary manicure, but in addition, exfoliation and heavenly arm massage.

Price: £27.00

Deluxe Manicure

Not just divine for a special occasion, this treatment encompasses all the elements of a luxury manicure but also incorporates a "shiver of the sublime", as well as a soothing paraffin wax treatm

Price: £30.00